Top Shelf Indoor Hemp Flower 1g

Top Shelf Indoor Hemp Flower 1g

Top Shelf Indoor Hemp Flower 1g. Premium Flower by Tri-Star Medical. Less than 0.3% THC.


Our Top Shelf Indoor Hemp Flower strains are the most potent and pure we offer. Because all strains are unique and grow best in varying conditions, indoor operations afford us a special opportunity. That opportunity is the control of light, humidity, CO2 levels and other environmental factors, strain by strain. We use cutting edge monitoring equipment, premium grow materials, selective breeding and our experience and adaptability to create ideal conditions. The results are exceptional flower with an elevated smell, taste and potency that will impress the most selective of connoisseurs.



    Skywalker OG

    Contains 20.3% CBD and less than 0.3% THC 

    T1 Trump 

    Contains 17% CBD and less than 0.3% THC 

  • Skywalker OG Description

    The spicy herbal flavor profile mixed in with the strong taste of jet engine fuel makes the Skywalker OG a conglomeration of everything hemp flower-users love about the plant. This indica-leaning strain encapsulates the perfect marriage between two of the most profoundly influential cultivars in the hemp industry. Taking you to a galaxy far far away, this strain promises strong relaxation benefits that can keep you calm and steady for hours. But despite that, this non-couch locking strain also makes it possible for you to stay on your feet, keeping drowsiness at bay so you can go about your day with relative calm and quiet without actually having to sacrifice your obligations.


  • T1 Trump Description

    With dominant citrus and fruity flavors, T1 Trump is one of the most flavorful nugs out there. It blends together the taste of berries, cheese, maple, and sandalwood to give you a truly enjoyable experience from that first sniff all the way to the final exhale. But aside from its taste, T1 Trump can lend a supreme calm and relaxation, this premium strain isn't for the faint of heart. Better suited to those who have experience with couch-locking strains, the T1 Trump can keep you cool, calm, collected, and relaxed for hours on end.


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